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Welcome to Thalheimer Financial Planning, LLC, a fee-only financial planning firm in Silver Spring, Maryland

Who We Are

Thalheimer Financial Planning, LLC is a financial planning and Registered Investment Advisory firm headquartered in Silver Spring, MD.  The firm specializes in providing Fee-Only financial planning services and investment management to middle-income individuals and families.

How We Work

As a FEE-ONLY financial planning firm, we are compensated directly and only by our clients.  We do not receive commissions from the sale of investments or insurance products, and so have no third-party influences.  We can thus be completely objective in our recommendations.  We put your interests first and work solely for you.

Why Call Now

Financial Planning is for everyone, not just the very wealthy.  We develop and implement financial plans that integrate goal setting, cash flow, debt reduction, risk management, education, retirement, income tax and estate planning with savings and investments.  We have been helping middle income clients in the DC area gain control over their financial lives and achieve their goals and dreams for over 20 years.

About Steve

Steve is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) licensee, and the owner and principal financial planner with Thalheimer Financial Planning, LLC since 2000. He has worked in Fee-Only financial planning since 1996 when he joined the staff of an established financial planning and wealth management firm. To meet his personal objectives, he left in 2000 to pursue his own practice and serve clients from all income levels. Before entering the field of financial planning, Steve worked in international economic development for 12 years, most of that time with the U.S. Peace Corps, both in the United States and abroad.


Our Mission

To help our clients identify and realize their life’s financial goals. Through independent, objective, Fee-Only planning, we empower our clients to make the best financial decisions possible.

Our Services

Financial Planning

Goal Setting/Prioritization, Cash Flow/Budgeting, Retirement Planning, Investments, College Funding, Insurance Needs, Tax Planning, Estate Planning

Investment Management

No-Load, Low-Cost, Tax Efficient, Passive/Index Strategies, Institutional Mutual Funds

Financial Education


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