AARP Magazine, March, 2023 – In an article about how much cash people should keep on hand, Steve Thalheimer notes that this depends on a number of factors, including your income, health, family needs and life goals. Plus your worries, if a lack of cash is keeping you up at night. It’s a very individual thing. Click here to read the article.

Washingtonian, March, 2022 – For the tenth time, Washingtonian magazine named Steve Thalheimer as one of the top financial planners in the DC metropolitan area. “Steve Thalheimer, CFP® has been helping people in the DC area gain control over their financial lives and achieve their goals and dreams for over 20 years. He develops holistic financial plans that integrate goal setting, cash flow, debt reduction, risk management, education, retirement, income tax and estate planning with savings and investments. Recognizing that planning is a process, not a single event, he then helps you implement your plan and keep it up to date.” Click here to read the article.

The Washingtonian Top Money Advisor designation, awarded on March 14, 2022, is based on the results of surveys distributed by Washingtonian Magazine to hundreds of individuals working in the local financial industry, asking survey participants, “whom they would trust with their own money?”. The surveys are automatically distributed to all previous recipients of the designation, in addition to local financial membership organizations, such as local chapters of the Financial Planning Association. Participation in the survey cannot be requested by an adviser, and the survey is not confined or limited to any respondents’ experiences or opinions during any particular time period. Washingtonian supplemented these survey results with its own research, including consulting with industry experts and reviewing various publications. The designation is then awarded to the individuals who receive the strongest recommendations. No direct or indirect compensation was paid to participate in the survey, to be awarded the designation, or to use the designation in advertisements. In 2022, there were 375 individuals who received the Top Money Advisor designation.

AARP magazine, August, 2019 – In an article about financial rules of thumb, Steve Thalheimer recommends that you set aside 1% of your home’s value per year in savings for maintenance and repairs. If you have an older home, 2% per year may be required. Click here to read the article.

AARP Website, December 2016 – Eileen Ambrose interviewed Steve Thalheimer to get some tips on how one might try to live on Social Security in retirement alone, if faced with this daunting possibility. Click here to read the article.

The Wall St. Journal, August, 2016 – Journalist Veronica Dagher featured Steve Thalheimer as one of three financial advisers who came to financial planning after working in another field. Steve explains why he switched careers, the lessons he takes with him from his former life, and gives advice to those considering a shift to a financial planning career. Click here to read the article.

Washington Lawyer, January 2012 – Steve was quoted in the publication of the DC Bar Association on how the recession of the past few years has impacted the investments and the ability of clients to save, the need to recognize trade-offs between goals, and to approach one’s financial planning with a sense of balance., May 2011 – Steve was interviewed for an online publication on the psychological toll the recession was taking on clients, and how not fully understanding one’s financial status – or having some confusion over future goals and how to achieve them – is contributing to Americans’ overall negative outlook. “I think a lot of what people are feeling is unease, because they don’t know where they are in terms of their financial standing and security,” Steve said.

Baltimore Sun, November, 2010 – Steve was quoted by personal finance columnist Eileen Ambrose on the impact of low interest rates on savers, who are looking for both safety and higher returns than currently being paid by most bank accounts. If you want safety above all else, there are very few options in this economic environment.

The Washington Blade, September, 2010 – Steve was profiled in Washington’s leading newspaper for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community on working with non-traditional couples and middle-income clients. Though some states are becoming friendlier to the gay community, “We are still lacking equality at the federal level. There is a real need to plan comprehensively for gay, lesbian and non-traditional clients.”

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