Our Clients Come From Diverse Backgrounds

  • Our clients include young, mid and late career professionals, employees, executives, and small-business owners
  • Many work for the federal, state or local government and for cause or issue-oriented non-profits.
  • Many are charitably minded.
  • Some have international backgrounds.
  • TFP also has expertise in working with non-traditional couples.

Our Clients Have Common Needs

  • Many of our clients are going through a life-changing event: They just got a big new job, received an inheritance, sold a business, are getting married (or divorced), or are having a child (or want to have another child).
  • Many of our clients wish to explore or plan for lifestyle changes: changing careers, jobs, buying a larger home. Sometimes they ask for help in downsizing or simplifying their lives to find greater personal fulfillment.
  • Our clients are individuals and families who lead busy lives and who don’t have the time or the expertise to do their own financial planning. They seek the help of an advisor they trust.
  • Some clients are currently working with an advisor, often one who is not a fiduciary – one who works in the client’s best interests.

All Our Clients

  • Value a comprehensive, holistic, integrated approach to financial planning.
  • Value having an open, honest relationship with their financial planner, and are engaged in that relationship.
  • Desire a proactive, on-going, hands-on partnership with their financial advisor, rather than a relationship that is reactive, occasional or hands-off.
  • Have worked hard to accumulate what they have and to achieve success.
  • Recognize that big goals can be achieved by making small changes consistently over time.